August 17, 2007

Has anyone been to the SAME cafe (Colfax and Race)? I keep meaning to try it but it always escapes my mind. I know a lot of folks live and work close to the restaurant – Just curious, what did you think?

From their site…

So All May Eat is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in April, 2006 to help eliminate the ever growing problem of hunger in today’s society.

The SAME Cafe is unique in the lack of a set menu as well as set prices. Daily selections are made using fresh, organic ingredients, and funded by the donations of patrons. Instead of a cash register, a donation box is available for one to pay what they felt their meal was worth, or to leave a little more and help out someone less fortunate. If a diner does not have sufficient money to leave, they are encouraged to exchange an hour of service in our restaurant for a full meal voucher.


2 Responses to “SAME Cafe”

  1. Georgina Says:

    why don’t we have a collective date there sometime soon?

  2. Matthew Says:

    We should – I know they have limited hours…

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