Stupid Easy Sweet Potato Burritos

August 19, 2007

ok, so back in my bachelor days my cooking methods didn’t come from these so called “recipes”.  or “cookbooks”. it centered around wrapping shit in tortillas and putting it in my mouth.
so here’s one of my favorites.  and you don’t have to measure things or struggle with the differences between tsps and tbsps…

stupid easy sweet potato burritos!

get yosef some:
1-2 big old sweet potatoes
can o black beans
fresh cilantro
crumbled feta
(wheat?) tortillas
curry powder
salsa optional

take some sweet potatoes, bake them until they’re not quite done (or nuke them if you’re really lazy).  then cut them into little cubes.  sautee them in a pan with a little curry powder, maybe some sugar if you feel frisky.

heat up some black beans, maybe a nice organic kind with cilantro/jalapeno undertones or something.

take your tortilla (i like to nuke em 20 sec w/ damp paper towel on top, plop down some beans, curried sweet pots, crumbled feta, cilantro (yes!) and maybe some salsa.

oh my goodness.


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